Client Video Testimonials

We send out customer feedback survey on an ongoing basis to hear the experiences about our services. Below is a sample list of testimonials we received from our clients.

“I have been in contact with Info Data House and I have selected them for the great review regarding the data quality that they would provide. The selling process has been very simple and the lists have been delivered on time.
Info Data House puts a great price on customer satisfaction and they have a great ability of adapting to the client’s needs. They have always been prompt and very efficient. Highly recommended”
Direct Marketing Manager

“The overall experience and service that we received from IDH exceeded our expectations. Their support team was always helpful and helped us with all of our database requests quickly and efficiently.
We ended up with a new set of valid and clean data that has helped us increase the response rate to all of our Marketing campaigns. We look forward using IDH again for our future projects.”
Ellie Soleymani
Marketing Manager

“I have been very satisfied with the services provided by IDH and the customer service throughout the process has been stellar! IDH has been great to work with and is an asset to our overall marketing efforts.”
Logan Johnson

“Working with IDH was a pleasure. They are quick to respond and attentive. In addition, we had a few issues that came up, but IDH immediately worked to resolve the problem. Overall, happy with the experience. I recommend their services”
Shabana Siyed
Sr. Marketing Specialist, Global Marketing

“Info Data House provided a quick and accurate contact list based on very specific criteria – VMware and Citrix users in four distinct verticals with specific titles and company size. Their customer service was pleasant and accommodating to our specific needs. Once we conducted the initial blast, we had a low percentage of emails that bounced back, and very positive open and click through rates. We would definitely purchase from them again!”
John Bertoli
Enterprise Marketing Manager

“We chose to work with IDH because of numbers of contacts we could receive for a reasonable cost as well as the high quality. We have been able to receive lists with contacts that have the exact titles at the exact companies we are targeting. Transactions when receiving our lists have been easy and smooth. We will definitely use IDH again and recommend to others.”
Christine Hevey
Marketing Manager

“As a Marketing Director for a software company, I get inundated with list vendor proposals, and typically, ignore most. I’m so glad that the timing of my need, crossed with the value proposition presented by IDHouse. I found the experience to be streamlined, professional and hyper-responsive from beginning to end. I purposely did a small list purchase for my first campaign to test the accuracy against their guarantee and found it to be absolutely consistent with their commitment. For my first campaign based on their list, I got 80-85% deliverability, with a strong response rate, so overall – I was happy with list. Based on this performance, I have since gone back and purchased additional lists, with similar performance rates. Securing a list house you can rely on is tricky, especially with so many vendors out there making really lofty promises. I’ve been happy with the performance of IDHouse and look forward to using them for future campaigns.”
Letitia Rodley
Director North America and APAC Marketing

“As a company in the earliest stages of selling directly to businesses, we needed to build a database of highly qualified prospects to market to. Since our product only can be sold to companies using specific Accounting systems, it was a challenge to find the right titles at the right companies in our target.
After trying several companies with very low success rates, I tried InfoDataHouse, and was shocked at the quality of the data I received. Looking at our current opportunity pipeline, InfoDataHouse is the second best source of actual opportunities (2nd only to an in-person event where we qualified contacts face to face).
In our board meeting today, I was asked where we buy lists. I simply showed our opportunity pipeline, with InfoDataHouse as the source of our opportunities. Whenever I’m asked where someone should go for lists, InfoDataHouse is the only company I recommend “
Nathan Burke
Director of Marketing

“Overall I am happy with the level of service that has been delivered by IDH.
The contact records we have purchased and included in our campaigns have generated some event registrations, attendance and marketing collateral downloads.”
Sophie Giamos Demand Generation Manager

“TCG Consulting has been very pleased with the contacts acquired through our partnership with IDH. We are already capturing significant prospect opportunities from among the database. Almost more importantly, your team’s commitment to deliver promised quality and quantitative results, demonstrated through ongoing and consistent communications to discover additional filtering or replacements, was outstanding.”
Sharon Graybill
Firm Administrator

“It’s been a pleasure working with IDH on this assignment and they have been extremely quick in getting the data shared once we overcame the hiccups with getting the payment processed. I think the responsiveness has been the key to this engagement and of course the desire to work with us to get the desired subset of the database. I do look forward to working with IDH in the future.”
Akhilesh Sharma
ECS Marketing

We were looking for niche prospects for our certification programs. When my associate suggested purchasing lists from third party, I was a bit skeptical. However, when I came across databases offered by InfoDataHouse I was surprised by their efficiency. Their lists are accurate and extensive. They update it every month to make sure that each detail is fresh. What I liked most was their option to build a customized segmented list. This suited us the best since we were able to pick out the niche targets as per our choice.
Lydia Zaffini Sr. Director, TSIA

InfoDataHouse has been the best thing that has happened to my business. Here I was, having a huge B2B database that was simply too unmanageable. I heard about InfoDataHouse from a friend. I outsourced the entire list management project to them and I did not regret my decision one bit. They cleansed and validated my entire database so that I can reach my targeted prospects in no time. Jack Silver
New Jersey, CJS