Targeted telecom leads for better ROI

Reaching and impressing telecommunication subscribers gets easier when you contact them through their preferred channel of communication. Telecommunication Subscribers List is apt for telephone service providers, cell phone service providers, wireless internet and much more. The list contains name and basic contact information of telecommunication subscribers with landline and cell phone connections.

1. Contains email address, postal address and phone numbers along with first and last name, company address, and web address1. Apt for executing physical mail, telemarketing and digital mail campaigns
2. Data is tele-verified and updated every 90 days2. Stay away from blacklisting, spam complaints and unsubscribe requests
3. Reach subscribers from: Apparel, Tax Services, Telecom, Travel, Business Opportunity Home Business, Cable and Internet Services, Collectibles and Gifts, Computing, Credit Cards, Dating Services, Debt Consolidation, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Financial and more3. Explore niche telecom subscribers and get your prospects
4. List updation on regular intervals4. Get fresh, accurate data, every time you run a campaign
5. Reasonably priced5. Pay less for quality data