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Photo Mail Campaign

Ultimate way to personalize mails!

Email campaign is one the most convenient way to market product and services to customers and prospects. Every day millions are email campaigns are sent by marketers to solicit, promote and communicate value to prospect and customers. In all the emails sent, the emails with personalization get higher response rates. Marketers use different personalization techniques in email campaign like, first name, title, preferences and behaviors.

InfoDataHouse, has pioneered an all NEW TECHNIQUE of personalization – Photo Mail Campaign Service.

Photo Mail campaign is all about taking personalization to an all new level by inserting the photo of the recipient in the mail.
Highlight of photo mail campaign:

  • Creates a positive impact on the recipient
  • Shows that you care and value the subscriber
  • Makes it easy for the receiver to remember and recall the brand
  • Increases open & response rates
  • Brings in great returns

A photo mail campaigns are done the right way pours in great results. With experts like InfoDataHouse, you can win the in the market through photo email and direct mailing campaigns. We have ready-to-use templates. So all you would need is content for the email and the database with contact details and photos and you are done. If you do not want to miss on the innovative smart feature, call us right away.

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