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Market Research

We deliver sapience and add value

InfoDataHouse, through our full-fledged market research team and in-house business intelligence data provides 360 degree market research services for your business. Adopting our market research services can help you in taking appropriate business decisions. Unlike others players in the industry, we have the expertise, infrastructure and capability to execute every market research project within the required timeframe.

Our market research team has analysts with expertise in various industries including healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing, IT, financial services and many more. They have ample experience to create niche industry reports for businesses based on the market trends and patterns.

Advantages of choosing Market Research services:

  • Proven research methodology
  • Systematic data collection and analysis
  • Quality check at each stage
  • Proven expertise and successful track record
  • Experienced team with wide industry expertise
  • Complete analysis of the industry and brands in the market

Checking on the 5Ws:

1. Who are the consumers? 1. What are they using? 1. The usage & purchase 1. Where do usage occasions occur? 1. Are products/ brands addressing the needs of each occasion/ segmentt?
2. What is their profile How big is the market? What is the growth potential? 2. Their relationship with product/brand? – usage history, usage repertoire What brand has the highest share in the market? 2. occasions that drive choice and the inherent needs within 2. How does the location influence requirements/ needs? 2. What are the key drivers of the market? How can we leverage growth?
3. What are their behaviour, beliefs, lifestyle and media consumption? 3. What brand has the strongest potential to grow/sustain? 3. Which occasion is driving the most volume? 3. How does retail choice/ distribution impact the behaviour?

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