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Group Practice List

Don't sell to individual providers, when you can sell to a medical group

Group Practice List helps you understand the dynamics of medical groups, and make best use of your sales and marketing opportunities. Identify key business players who set the policies for the group, and have most influence and purchasing power. Group Practice List also helps you check second-tier business contacts within a group and get unduplicated count of physicians practicing at multiple sites.

Features Gains

1. Contains group practice name, group practice headquarters location, location-wise phone and fax numbers, physicians name, physicians specialty, prescription data, patient volume, group’s website address and hospital affiliations, etc

1. Apt for executing physical mail, telemarketing and digital mail campaigns

2. Data is tele-verified and updated every 90 days

2. Stay away from blacklisting, spam complaints and unsubscribe requests

3. Reach executives like medical practitioners, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, physicians, pathologists, medical officers and more

3. Explore niche medical industries and get your prospects

4. List updation on regular intervals

4. Get fresh, accurate data, every time you run a campaign

5. Reasonably priced

5.  Pay less for quality data

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