IDH Blog Case study

How an IT concern in the Middle East improved branding, generated leads and became ‘social’. – A case study on how corporate blogs help businesses pep up their presence in the industry.

Based in Doha, Qatar, the *Client is a leading executive search firm for IT, Accounts, Finance and Procurement industries. They had a sales team that used to contact thousands of prospects from various industries around the globe for recruitment purposes. They were getting leads, but not of remarkable quality. The data was incomplete that led to bounced emails and dead-end calls. Thus, the lead generation process was time consuming and less economical.

Upon consulting IDH, the *Client was advised that their lead generation came to a standstill due to lack of thoughtful content, ideas and real-time marketing. IDH saw that the *Client did not harness the power of the ‘blogosphere’. They relied on archaic methods to generate leads that failed to attract new prospects over time. IDH explained to the *Client in detail what they would gain by starting a business/corporate blog and generating unique content.

IDH case study

IDH showed the *client relevant statistics to prove their point

  • Business blogs are a great way to increase brand popularity and create demand. Writing a blog and commenting on other’s blogs are effective ways to market a business.
  • Joining in discussions in social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to speak a word about any business. These social web tools act as an extension of the brand’s vision and image.
  • A blog, unlike a website, is extremely dynamic. They can be updated easily and hence transmit information faster than websites. Also, creating a blog barely requires technical skills and search engines pick them up in no time.

Clearly, it was time that the *Client started investing time, budget and resources to add value to its brand identity and its products.

What Did IDH Do?

The content creators at IDH launched a blog with a unique corporate identity, which blends well with brand reputation the *Client has built over several years. The blog posts contained original ideas with a major focus on user-generated content.

To keep it simple and enthusiastic, the IDH blog team stuck to basics of blogging and did the following:

  • Kept the tone conversational and informal – to make the reader feel that he is being heard, and not simply talked to. The posts were meant for creating social conversations that are capable of converting and closing.
  • Created unique content for each blog posts to have the prospect come back. The blog was used to provide exclusive information about the company and its products.
  • Never missed responding to a customer’s query or comment. Also, stern remarks and criticisms were taken positively through professional comments while replying back.
  • Refrained from using jargons in blog. The blog posts did not read like corporate brochures or whitepapers. The purpose of the client business was conveyed in simple, lucid language.
  • Stayed honest about the sources of statistical facts and reports, and did not mention customers’, vendors’ and clients’ name without consent.

How Blogging helped *Client?

  • Established and enhanced their brand identity
  • Encouraged new users to participate in forums and discussions which led to the creation of new leads – a total of 1575 new leads were generated after 90 days of blogging
  • Improved social media performance – platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter had more followers, shares and ‘likes’
  • Started positioning themselves as a thought leader in the industry with guest bloggers from the fraternity

*Client is not disclosed due to confidentiality reasons