No matter what business you own, your contact database plays an extremely important role. It even holds the power to make or break your business. Every decision we take in our business is based on the data that is available to us.

However, most of the time we lack the system that needs to properly manage and maintain the database. We lack the proper consistency and resources to manage this extremely important asset of our business.

To avoid common pitfalls, your data team must know the basic data management process so that you can make the most out of your database. On the other hand, you also need to know about those basic pitfalls and how you can strictly avoid them.

Not segmenting your database

Pitfall: If your database does not contain targeted contacts you might be wasting your time and money sending your campaign to people in general, and losing out the chance to reach your targeted market.

Solution: It is extremely important to segment your database. This way you can communicate more with your targeted audience, and ensure maximum deliverability. Through segmentation you can identify different levels of your prospect/customer database. This allows you to customize each campaign to suit your targeted market.

Duplicate records

Pitfall: Many a times, duplicate records tend to appear in your database. Most companies do not own systems that will automatically check the entering of duplicate records. This wastes a lot of your precious time and money.

Solution: Through de-duplication process you can identify and remove all the duplicate records. This can be done through manual and automated process.

Not maintaining a master file

Pitfall: Not having a master file means not having proper data backup. Therefore any day if you lose your data, you lose everything since you don’t have anything to fall back upon.

Solution: Always keep a master file while you are working on your database.

You should always keep your database clean and updated. As per the data sages, your database should be updated every 30 days. This will help you to cleanse, validate and update the records so that you can conduct your business in the best possible way.