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CRM Users List

Reach CRM buyers virtually. Really!

Identifying the right prospects to pitch your high-end CRM products is easier said than done. Several factors like extreme competition, budgetary cuts and the gloomy economic climate have made it difficult for marketers to reach prospects. In such an atmosphere, it’s important to target prospects from top and middle-level management who has a say in taking Information Technology purchase decisions. With our CRM Users List, you can reach these highly influential IT professionals. In addition to identifying the right prospects, we provide in-depth profile information to make your marketing effective.

Features Gains

1. Contains email address, postal address and phone numbers along with first and last name, company address, SIC code, and web address

1. Best for IT companies to execute online and offline campaigns

2. Data is tele-verified and updated every 90 days

2. Acquire fresh, ready-to-use data that is relevant for your business.

3. Reach top level executives: C- & V-level  executives, managers, sales head,  senior executives, sales and marketing executives, and others

3. Connect with hard-find prospects from different businesses

4. Various CRM applications include: MS Dynamic CRM, MS Exchange
Server, Siebel, SAP CRM, SalesForce, IBM Lotus, Goldmine,
Sage Saleslogix, Act by Sage, ADERANT, CDC Software, eGain,
MS Outlook, Pivotal CRM, SPSS, and SugarCRM

4. Explore niche IT industries and get your prospects

5. Regular data updation

5. Get fresh, accurate data for all your B2B campaigns

6. Flexible pricing

6.  Affordable pricing plan to match with your budget

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